The Hittite Ritual Of Hantitassu From The City Of Hurma Against Troublesome Years

Yazar : Ahmet ÜNAL
Basım Yılı : 1996
Basım Yeri :
Cilt / Dizi / Sayı :
Dil : İngilizce
ISBN : 9751608074

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I. Introductory Remarks on the Dichotomy Between Hittite Medicine and Magical Practices.

II. Tradition and Different Compositions of the H̬antitaššu­ Ritual.

A = KBo 11.14

B = KBo 13.145

C = KUB 43.57 (+) KBo 18.174

D = KBo 17.104 (+) 2029/ g

III. TransIiteration and Translation of KBo 11.14 with its DupIicates

IV. Philological Commentary.

V. Synopsis and Structural Analysis of the Text

VI. Date of the !jantitaSsu-Ritual

VII. Additional Fragments Belonging to the Ensemble of the H̬antitaššu-Ritual

1. KBo 17.104 rev. iii

2.2029 / g

3. KBo 13.145 rev

4. KBo 20.34 (+ KUB 36.111)

5. KUB 57.79 obv.i

6. KUB 58.94

VIII. Index..

A) List of the Treated Words and Names

a)       Hittite, Sumerian, Akkadian, Hurrian, Luwian and Other Words

b)       Divine Names

c)       Personal Names

d)       Geographical Names (Turkish and Ancient)

e)       Subject Index

B) List of the Fully Edited and Treated Texts and Cited Passages

a) Texts Fully Edited.

b) Cited Texts and Passages

C) List of the Abbreviations

a) Abbreviations Used in the Literature

b) Grammatical and Other Abbreviations


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