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Sultan Suleyman The Grand Turk, 1991

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  • Yazar: Yaşar YÜCEL, M. Mehdi İLHAN
  • Basım Yılı: 1991
  • Basım Yeri:
  • Cilt / Dizi / Sayı:
  • Dil : İngilizce
  • ISBN : 975160415X
  • Barkod : 975160415X
  • Fiziksel Özellikleri : 1. Hamur, 176 Sayfa

  • Ürün Barkodu

List of Illustations


Sultan Suleyman as a Prince and his Accession to the Throne

The World State atthe Time of Süleyman's Accession

Janberdi's Revolt (1520-1521)

The Belgrade Campaign (1521)

The Recovery of Rhodes Island from the Knights (1522)

The Grand-Vizierate of Ibrahim Paşa (1522)

Ahmed Paşa's Rebellion in Egypt (1523)

The Defeat of Hungarians at Mohaçs (1526)

The Rival Claims to the Hungarian Crown

The First Siege of Vienna (1529)

Sultan Suleyman Marries Hurrem Sultan

The Austrian Campaign and the Siege of Güns

The Conquest of Bagdad

The Conquest and then Loss of Tunis in a Year

Ibrahim Paşa's Over-confidence Puts him ito Trouble

Capitulations Begin

Peace Broken qith Venice

The Ottoman Fleet of Suez in Indian Ocean

Barbarossa Confronts Andrea Doria, Battle of Prevesa

Peace With Venice (1540) Once More

Sultan Süleyman and a Series of Hungarian Campaigns

Sultan Süleyman's Iranian Campaign

Turgun Re'is and Tripoli

The Killing of Prince Mustafa

Sultan Suleyman and the Iranian Campaign

The North during Suleyman's Reign

Hungarian Campaign

Struggle of Princes

The Victroy of Djerba

The Endof Prince Bayezid

The Siege of Malta

Sultan Süleyman's Last Campaign to Hungary

Sultan Süleyman'sPersonality

Financial and Economic Activities

Socialy and Cultural Activities

Chronology of Sultan Suleyman The Legislator's Reign