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The Assyrians Of Turkey Victims Of Major Power Policy, 2001

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  • Yazar: Salâhi R. SONYEL
  • Basım Yılı: 2001
  • Basım Yeri:
  • Cilt / Dizi / Sayı: VII. Dizi, Sayı: 168.
  • Dil : İngilizce
  • ISBN : 9751612969
  • Barkod : 9751612969
  • Fiziksel Özellikleri : 1. Hamur, 226 Page + Documents

  • Ürün Barkodu


Note on the Turkish Alphabet and names


Chapter 1 - The Assyrians

Who are the Assyrians?

The religion of modern Assyrians

Population Statistics

Chapter 2 - Assyrians under the Turks (up to 1876)

Their community organisation

Influence of Missionaries

Conflict between the Assyrians and the Kurds

Assyrians under French and British protection

The Ottoman Commissioner's Report

Christian creeds in conflict

Mar Shimoun's escape

Schism among the Chaldeans

Nestorians favour the Ottoman Government

The Crimean War

Assyrians as pawns of Britain and France

Assyrian intrigues with Russia

Assyrians sign an agreement with the Ottoman Government

Assyrian refusal to implement the agreement

The insubordination of the Assyrians continues

Chapter 3 - The reign of Abdülhamit II, the Young Turks, and the Assyrians (1876-1914)

The Turco-Russian war and the Assyrians

Assyrians under European protection

Nestorians' new intrigues with the Russians

British Missionaries on the scene again

New Russian intrigues

The Kurdo-Assyrian conflict

Chapter 4 - Assyrians and the destruction of the Ottoman Empire
 ( 1914-1918)

The outbreak of the Great War

Assyrians join the Russian forces

Assyrian Atrocities

Assyrians declare war on Turkey

The collapse of Russia

Britain exploits the Assyrian Levies

Assyrian excesses

The assassination of Patriarch Mar Shimoun

Armeno-Assyrian collaboration

British intrigues with Armenians

Advance of the Turkish Army

Chapter 5 - Assyrians and the War for Turkey's Liberation ( 1919-23)

Assyrians appeal to the Peace Conference of Paris

The claims of Patriarch Paulus Mar Shimoun

Assyrian sectarianism resurfaces

Assyrians as pawns in Anglo-French intrigues

Assyrian-Kurdish relations

Death of Mar Shimoun and resettlement of the Assyrians

Dissension among the Assyrians

Assyrian resettlement schemes

Agha Petros, the arch-intriguer

The establishment of the Kingdom of Iraq

Britain recruits Assyrian Levies

Assyrians demand autonomy

Assyrians as pawns of Western Super Powers

Assyrians and the Lausanne Conference

Agha Petros and the Turkish Delegation

The Mosul Question and the Assyrians

Chapter 6 - The Final Phase

British betrayal

The Assyrian rebellion

British promises unfulfilled

Assyrians and the Republic of Turkey