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Kültepe Tabletleri V : The Archive of Kuliya, son of Ali-abum (Kt. 92/k 188-263), 2010

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  • Yazar: Klaas R. VEENHOF
  • Basım Yılı: 2010
  • Basım Yeri:
  • Cilt / Dizi / Sayı:
  • Dil : English
  • ISBN :
  • Barkod :
  • Fiziksel Özellikleri : 230 Sayfa

Abbreviations and bibliography
I. Catalogue and concordance of the texts

A. Descriptive catalogue by publication numbers
B. Concordance of excavation and edition numbers
II. Introduction
1. The archive and its discovery
2. Dating the archive
3. Kuliya's family
4. Kuliya as messenger of kârum Kanesh
5. Kuliya's commercial activities and relations

a. His business and contacts '
b. The main persons interacting with Kuliya
6. Language and writing of the texts

a. Scribal features
b. Lexical features
7. The format of the edition
II. Giriş
III. Edition of the Text
1. Kuliya as a messenger of the kârum (1-6)
A. The texts
B. Interpretation

a. Geographical aspects
b. Kuliya's task and the system of taxation

1. The tithe (isrâtum) on iron
2. The "Saadu^utu-taz of kârum Kanesh"
3. Taxation of caravans arriving via the sukinnu-route
4. Reasons, origin and formulation of the new rules
c. Conclusion

2. Letters (7-34)

A. Introduction
B. The texts

a. Letters by Kuliya (7-8)
b. Letters from Kuliya from his wife, alone and with others (9-13)
c. Other letters addressed to Kuliya alone and with others (14-29)
d. Letters not addressed to Kuliya (30-31)
e. An unidentifıed letter, a "supplement" and a letter envelope (32-34)
3. Contracts, depositions and private records of transactions

a. Records of single transactions (35-42)
b. Groups of contracts and depositions copied in memorandums (43-49)
4. Various memorandums (50-61)
5. Lists of tablets (62-69)

A. Introduction

a. Containers for tablets
b. The lists
B. The texts (62-69)
6. Various texts (70-73)
a. Judicial records (70-71)
b. Sealed envelope of a letter (72)
c. The eponym list "KEL A" (73)
7. Three letters of Kuliya excavated in 1989 (74*-76*)
IV. Indices
1. Personal names .
2. Geographical names and nisbes
3. Gods
4. Year eponyms
5. Words attested and discussed
6. Texts quoted or commented upon
■ V. Seal impressions, cuneiform copies and photos
1. Seal impressions, by Masako Omura
2. Drawings of damaged, diffîcult and unusual cuneiform signs
3. Photos envelopes and selected tablets