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Minorities And The Destruction of The Ottoman Empire, 1993

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  • Yazar: Salâhi R. SONYEL
  • Basım Yılı: 1993
  • Basım Yeri:
  • Cilt / Dizi / Sayı:
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  • ISBN : 975160544X
  • Barkod : 975160544X
  • Fiziksel Özellikleri : 1. Hamur, 537 Sayfa, 3 Resim

  • Ürün Barkodu

Biographieal Note .

Note on the Turkish Alphabet and Names

Glossary of the frequently used Turkish words


List of abbreviations


Chapter I. Zenith of the Ottoman Empire (1280-1566)

Historieal Background

The conquest of Constantinople

Ottoman society and administration

The Greek Community

The AImenian Community

The Jewish Comm unity

Chapter 2. Period of Decline (1566-1789

Causes of decline

Political and military developments

Reforms in the Empire

The Greek Comm uni ty

Cu/tura/ development of the Orthodox

Economic advancement

The Phanariot (Fener/i

Intngues within the Greek Orthodox Church

Illiteraey and corruption among the Greek clergy

Ethelodu/ia (vo/untary sltıvery)

The missionaries

The prougi system

Riva/ry and conflict among the Christian Churches

The intngues of Greeks with foreign powers

The AImenian Community

The Jewish Community

Chapter 3. The Era of Reforms (1789- 1876)

The Background

The Tanzimat Reforms

The genesis of the 'Eastem Question'

The Greek Community

Be/are the Greek rebellion

                   The ejJects of the Frenc/ı Revolution

             The Greek

The aftermat/ı of the Greek rehellion

Missiananes, the Crimean War, and the Greeks "

                   The A rmenian Community

            The Jewish Community

Chapter 4-. Minorities during the reign of Abdülhamit II and the Young

Turks 1876- 1914-)

            The Background

            The reign of Abdülhamit II

The Young Turk Revolution

The aftermath of the Young Turk Revolution

            The Greek Comm unity

The Armenian Community

The Jewish Community

Chapter 5. The Destmction of the Attornan Empire (1914-1923)

The Great War and its aftermath

            The Greeks

            The Armenians

            The Jews





Map 1        The  rise of the Attornan Empire, i 280- i 683

Map 2        The decline of the Attornan Empire, 1683-1918

Map 3        Turkey according to the abortive    Treaty of Sevres of Lo August 1920